Series of cleanascene ideas...

In reverse-chronological order...

Environmentalist princess Cleanascene and evil Ratzilla (March 2014)

This is the project that did not get the funding from Awards For All. We aimed to work in collaboration with schools, get the advantage that children were already there, targeting all Balsall Heath's children. We wanted Cleanascene to be part of citizenship, planning a minimal impact on school times. 

Award For All declined the proposal based on our timings: our activities should happen outside school time hours, like clubs activities or weekends. We have already tried to work like that in Balsall Heath (Balsall Heath Clean-up Parade 2013) and the participation in our activities outside school times was very low. 

With very little time in our hands, we decided not to change our proposal and shape it differently, in the future. Our enviromental princess Cleanascene will have to wait, while evil Ratzilla is still free to mess our dirty Balsall Heath. She will come alive to a wider audience, because we believe that her message is strong, powerfull and necessary.

Cleanascene- Introduction - March 2014

Still an idea: Cleanascene Hallmark (April 2013)

Starting with environmental issues, in order to achieve cleaner and greener streets, Cleanascene recognises those streets that meet environmental standards and grant them with a cleanascene hallmark. This is the hallmark (below) that will be placed next to the street sign:


We also want to assist those streets that express an outspoken desire of getting the cleanascene hallmark. Apart from providing them with any information and personal assistance in how to clean their environment, we will create a petition platform: Cleanascene App. Any of the neighbours can sign a petition and, by doing so, he/she will be inviting the street residents to sign the petition as well. The number of signatures in the petition can also help the street to obtain a “working towards” cleanascene hallmark, if they also show improvement in their environmental status.


 Every 6 months (or every year, depending on the area progress), the neighbourhood will be visited and each street will be inspected. After the inspection, the streets will be awarded with the cleanascene hallmark, upgraded their “working towards” cleanascene hallmark with a full one or granted an extension of their hallmark for another six months.


Those streets holding a cleanascene hallmark for a period of a year will automatically enter a competition for a prize. The prize will be money, which will be invested in the improvement of the street.


We will try to find sponsors to help run the idea and to help with the costs, including the annual prize.


We will provide neighbours with any information and personal assistance in how to clean their environment by doing the 3 R's: Reducing, Reusing, Recycling. This personal assistance could/should be an appointed person from the neighbourhood.

The beginning: Balsall Heath Clean-up Parade 2013

Cleanascene started working to create community cohesion by preparing the event Balsall Heath Clean-up Parade on 7th July 2013. 

Cleanascene plans to be a non-profit independent body working alongside local services that assists neighbourhoods to jump-start their specific problems. We are starting with Balsall Heath and we are focusing on rubbish and litter in the area.

Cleanascene - Explained