Cleanascene EVENTS

Cleanascene talk at Ort Gallery - November 2014

Calling neighbours, politicians and partners who are concerned about the rubbish problem in Balsall Heath!

Join Cristina from Cleanascene Balsall Heath on Wednesday 19th November 2014 (World Toilet Day) at 6pm for a discussion regarding the litter problem in Balsall Heath and updates on future plans for the Cleanascene Project. Entry is free.

The talk will take place in Ort Cafe, 500-504 Moseley Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9AH and is accessible for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility. There are step-free toilets in the building.

Cleanascene shares World Toilet Organisation (WTO)'s core beliefs: “better lives, bigger dreams”. WTO understands that the solution to the problem is not just about providing access to adequate, clean sanitation – it's also about giving people back their dignity, providing comfort, improving lives and offering empowerment so that they can strive for a brighter future.

Balsall Heath is part of a developed country, where neighbours have access to clean sanitation. However, the neighbourhood's general waste management is far from adequate. The neighbours' negligent behaviour in dealing with their household waste only aggravates the issue caused by a poor waste management across services.

Cleanascene, like WTO, believes that the solution comes through education. After our unsuccessful bid to work with Balsall Heath's primary schools, Cleanascene doesn't feel defeated. We are preparing another project that involves our neighbours, our streets and a big dream of a clean Balsall Heath.

Please join us to discuss, share experiences and put forward your own ideas about what needs to be done. Cleanascene calls for neighbours, politicians and partners who are concerned about the rubbish problem in Balsall Heath.

- Update on Cleanascene plans
- Discussion
- Screening of Documentary about waste in other countries

Cleanascene exhibition at Ort Gallery - October 2013         


Ort Gallery

cleanascen exhibition at Ort Gallery 
24th October 2013 - 6th November 2013 

OPENING 24th October 2013 @ 18:00

Balsall Heath Clean-up Parade 7th July 2013

Balsall Heath was invited to join a fun event that aims to have our whole neighbourhood walking/working together to address and find a definite solution to an important issue: rubbish. On 7th July 2013, at 12pm, three separate cleanup routes started from location 1, location 2 and location 3 (see map below), and the participants did parade while picking rubbish up as they walked, walking towards a meeting point – the park behind Nelson Mandela School.

The parades was sending an important message: “We want clean streets! Each one of us can make a difference. Together, we can make a change.

The three parades arrived to the park at the same time, and the processions piled their bags and sorted rubbish into the City Council Waste and Recycling lorries. Which route did win the rubbish competition?  We said: Be clean, because there will be a surprise prize for the route with more rubbish in their bags! 

The prize was cleanascene bags, and all the children got one!

Then we had some MUSIC! A performance of the local bands The Dhol Blasters, The Destroyers, Aa’shiq Al-Rasul, Khaliq and Misty’s Big Adventure.

 The music was accompanied by a collective meal – a picnic in the park, where participants had an opportunity to sit and to chat with their neighbours.       


The Purpose

These are the targets we want to meet

   Get the neighbourhood together to get rid of the rubbish: be proud of the place we live

   Believe that we are capable of making a difference

   Liaise with services and partners that already work in our area

• Get active, take part: come and walk with us

• Have fun and participate in a series of creative activities

Map of the parade: three different routes – 1, 2 & 3

You can join any of these routes, at any point.

Orange Route Departing from location 1, the park between Balsall Heath Rd and Clevedon Rd at 12 am.

Red Route Departing from location 2, Calthorpe Park at 12 am.

Gold Route – Departing from location 3, Cannon Hill Park at 12 am.


Who will be part of the parade?   You and…