The Team

First please see below a video of the children of Cateura (Paraguay)’s recycled orchestra. The success of their project has inspired us to believe in the potential of our Balsall Heath Cleanup Parade project. 

Recycled orchestra

Project Director

Cristina Piñero Maese      

Cristina’s strength lies on her education and working experience (PhD, PGCE, teaching, resources manager of the band The Destroyers) and her interest in building a sense of community, which started in her own street, where she runs Homer Street Clean project. Further, she is the chair of Tindal Street residents’ group. Cristina’s work aims to bring together as many elements of a neighbourhood as possible to include schools, churches, mosques, art venues, libraries, shops, the local police force, fire brigade, politicians, etc. while organising creative activities that will unite the spirit of our neighbourhood and will cultivate the pride of being part of Balsall Heath while promoting environmental awareness.

Music & Design workshop coordinator

Louis Robinson 

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Who has worked with us:

                                         Dan Hayward 

Dan Hayward worked with Louis under the Cleanascene flag to start up a Balsall Heath community samba/mixed drumming group. Working towards the parade project, they met weekly and developed more intense workshops/activities.

Their emphasis was on music skills as well as CDT in particular recycling and instrument building. 

On summer 2012  they ran some workshops where they made some drum sticks and learnt some basic rhythm, and Samba drumming.

The recycled orchestra first goal was to perform at Balsall Heath Clean-up Parade.